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Brand Packaging Design

“The packaging has only a few seconds to

stand out from the shelf, seduce ... and sell! "

Philippe Devismes

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My vision of


Photo Philippe Devismes

Whether physical or digital, packaging is at the heart of consumers daily experience, evolving in an environment saturated with signs.

Consumers keep on switching from brand to brand, in their quest for meaningful brands to justify their choices, resulting in being constantly presented with ever more complex dilemmas. I accompany you in designing packaging that carries genuine meaning and vectors of growth while developing the highest value added of the product / brand combination.

Modus Operandi

My working methods takes it roots in the "maieutics": the art of questioning  allowing the birth of ideas and needs. My goal is to ensure that you are the bearer of your Packaging / Product strategy.

This specific approach avoids intellectual paralysis and ready-made answers. Dialogue is the pilar of this methodology, thanks to which it is possible to avoid certainties and abstract reasoning. The question-and-answer game with my clients makes it possible to avoid sterile discussions.

vision du packaginf Philippe Devismes

My values :

Valeurs Packaging Devismes
Valeurs Packaging Philippe Devismes
Valeurs Packaging Devismes & Associés
Packaging values devismes
Packaging values philippe devismes

Make accessible what looks complex to handle


Design is first to  serve product's performance


Always looking for a "WOW" effect that cultivates strong brand / product identity


Offer solutions that constantly adapt to the reality of the market

Be efficient and responsive

Logo Devismes & Associés

Philippe Devismes


2000 - 2021

Devismes & Associés – Paris and Dubai

President, Founder

2018 - 2021

Strategy Director, Consultant

L'agence M (Médialliance Group)

Specially dedicated to Brand Strategy and Packaging Design, Agence M supports our clients in solving packaging projects such as brand deployment, product line facelifts, illustration, creative execution.

2016 - 2018

Diadem & The Big One – Groupe Team Créatif

Managing Partner

30 years know-how in Packaging Design supported by high-level creative and technical skills, Diadem ensures brands consistency all over the world.


The Company is part of Team Créatif Group, a major player in packaging design, making Diadem a unique player in Brand Graphic Services.

2001 - 2016

Associate Director

Brand at Work

Since its creation in 2001, the agency is 100% dedicated to the building, DIY, gardening and decoration markets.

An Agency that is different ... With both feet on the ground!

1985 - 2000

President, Founder

C’Capital, Groupe Dragon Rouge (Bonté Divine)

Founder of the C'CAPITAL agency, located in Paris, Rennes and Bordeaux, 50 employees. Specialising in packaging design and visual identity. Voted best French Design Agency. Packaging creation for many major international brands and for most retail brands: Carrefour France and UAE, Leclerc, Système U, Intermarché…

Parcours Philippe Devismes

Mais aussi …

Philippe Devismes background
Parcours Devismes

Créapole - Professor in Packaging Design & Management

Partner of many renowned companies, CREAPOLE is born from the fusion of two worlds providing our students all the skills necessary to get started in the 21st century and succeed in creative professions.

Philippe Devismes parcours packaging

Author of “Packaging Mode d'Emploi” at Dunod
The true "manual" for Packaging Design - a step by step guide that brings together all elements necessary for Packaging Design and Development all the way through to  consumers' home.

Logo Devismes

Areas of expertise

For more than 30 years, I helped Brand Owners in the development of their Brand and Packaging strategy & creation. I am a specialist in consumer products for the FMCG's markets, the reality of the "field" is the basis of all my recommendations.

I am eager to develop Packaging Design which will support your strategy and sell more.  What matters to me is to make what may seem complicated simple, without losing sight of the final objective.

Missions :

1. Design & Strategy:

  • Market trends monitoring and brand management strategy audit

  • S.W.O.T. analysis

  • Visual identity and Brand Bible

  • Packaging Graphics and Volume design, functionality, innovation


Philippe Devismes Packaging Design

2. Operations

  • Product market launch and new product/packaging concepts

  • Consulting in Design Agency Management and integrated Graphic Studios located on Private Labels or Own Brands sites


3. Consulting & Training

  • Packaging Design Brief creation

  • Initiate the right creative impulse

  • How to select the best designs and options for optimisation

  • Process for Design approval according to clients' targets: consumers & distributors

  • Finalise and coordinate technical documents, photos, illustrations, reprographics

  • Facilitating the dialogue with packaging suppliers

  • Creation of operational marketing tools: sales pitches, ILV / POS, merchandising file, promotion plan


Philippe Devismes conseil et formations
Réalité des linéaires Devismes

Retail Shelves Reality

Linéaires packaging Philippe Devismes
Linéaires stratègie packaging Philippe Devismes
Philippe Devismes stratègie linéaires
Linéaires Devismes

45,000 SKUs on average in a hypermarket


The competition is exacerbated!


8 out of 10 new products launches each year fails


1 out of 4 products purchased is a private label product

A holistic approach to Packaging Design

Point Devismes.png
Point Devismes.png

Combine creative mind and with industrial pragmatism, thus guaranteeing the relevance of the recommendation


Creation of powerful graphic concepts, easily adaptable  beyond borders

Stratègie Packaging Philippe Devismes
Logo Philippe Devismes



References : Lartigue, Del Monte, Carrefour, Lacnor, Oasis, Blu, Milco, Royal Bakery, BEL, Igloo, Rainbow, GEB, Lyreco, Bricostore, Moroni, Aoste, Guillin, Sojami, Vitacuire, Ferrari…

Logo Philippe Devismes



Material available on request:

  • Packaging brief template

  • Metrics for measuring the efficiency of your packaging

  • Packaging training program

  • Sensory packaging

What are the impacts of Phygital

Understanding consumer behavior in relation to packaging

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